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Published: 21st November 2008
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Since ages, jewelry has adorned the aura and beauty of the female species and its glamor and magic continues till date. Gold, silver, diamond and various other gemstones have embellished the wide array of jewelry, so much so that today we find a whole wide range of jewelry in varied designs and patterns. Pearl , however, has maintained a distinct position in the jewelry segment. A symbol of purity, truth and love, pearls have an altogether different luster of their own. The white lustrous shine and shimmer of the pearls define sophisticated and glamorous jewelry.

The white lustrous crystal, round in shape evolves from the soft velvety tissues of a living shelled mollusk. This unique crystal known as pearl is in fact a chemical composition of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form. An ideal round shaped white pearl is valued higher than various other gemstones. However, the quality of the pearls is determined by various factors such as the color, luster, shape, size, lack of surface flaw and symmetry. Moreover, it is the lustrous appeal of the pearl which makes one score over the other pearls. Size does matter and the larger size of the pearl also determine its value.

Generally eight different shapes have been discovered in pearls namely, round, semi-round, button, drop, tear-drop, oval, baroque, and circled. Used in necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, the pearls simply define rare and pure beauty. Not only shape and size, the pearls differ in colors as well. Ranging from pink, blue, champagne, green to even purple, pearls shimmer in varied shades.

Fine pearls not only make up for valuable possession but also a rare jewel showcase which makes one stand apart. Different pearl jewelry like pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl ring, pearl earring or in various other forms, pearl in any shape, size and color steals the show.

Tahitian Pearls or "Black" pearls, South Sea Pearls, Freshwater Pearls and Akoya Pearls are famously known for the stunning colors and absolutely amazing shapes. Marvelous shades of green, blue, bronze, black and greyish shades make up for great pearl jewels. The rare overtones of purple, green and blue further adds to the exotic nature of the pearls.

Amongst the cultured pearls, South Sea pearls are most highly valued and appreciated for their large size and dazzling golden or silver-white colors. Freshwater pearls showcase immense talent for little money that is invested in them and therefore is a much safer bet to go for as they are naturally endowed with colors like white, ivory, peach, pink, lavender and burgundy. Akoya pearls are yet another famous pearls which have been widely acclaimed due to their brilliant luster. Grown in the cooler waters of Northern latitudes, these pearls are adorned with a very high-quality nacre coating.

It's not only the beauty and perfection that makes pearl and pearl jewelry a favourite amongst the jewelers and buyers across the globe but pearl has various other attributes to count for. Its religious as well as astrological importance makes it a valuable creation. Astrologers prescribe pearls for Cancerians for their overall well-being as well as those who have Moon in a debilitated position in their horoscope charts. Pearl's healing properties and astrological significance have made it a highly demanded gemstone across the world.

Pearl has been raised to such zeniths of popularity that other than natural pearls, cultured pearls have also flooded the global markets. Not only in quality but also in prices, the cultured pearls are placed below the natural ones. It's tough to make out the difference between the two; however, only expertise and jewelers can point out the real to the fakes.

This gives us a reason to be assured enough about the pearls that we are buying as we may be deceived and might face a loss of not only money but faith as well. Therefore, in case you are looking forward to burn a hole in your pocket make sure, it does not hurt and add to your jewelry box. Make the deal through trusted buyers and suppliers or you can also browse through varied other options by hunting sites online as I did and came across and came to get what i wanted and that too with a trusted seal of guarantee.

After all if it's pearl jewelry; it's valuable and all that is valuable, has to be taken extra care of.

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